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Why Is My Alexa Blinking Yellow? Meaning of Yellow Light On Alexa | Alexa Red Ring

Eager to know Why Is My Alexa Blinking Yellow? Yellow Light On Alexa means that you have an unread message or notification from the Alexa Contact. You can easily stop the yellow flashing light by asking Alexa to read the messages.

Apart from the yellow light, the smart device Echo also shows red ring light. Each color light on the Echo device has its separate meaning. In this guide, we are going to focus on Red and Yellow ring lights on Alexa.

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Note: To turn off the Yellow light on Alexa, say the wake word and ask Alexa to read all the notifications for you.

Why Is My Alexa Blinking Yellow?

You must be clear with the fact that Echo is always linked to the Amazon account. Isn’t it? Hence, when you shop for something from Amazon, you will be notified at each shipment stage. This is the answer to your question about Why Is My Alexa Blinking Yellow.

Say the wake word and ask Alexa to read out the messages, or notifications for you. Once Alexa will deliver the pending notifications, the Yellow Light On Alexa will stop blinking.

How To Dismiss the Yellow Light On Alexa?

It is very easy to dismiss the Alexa Yellow Light, you just follow these given commands:

“Alexa, What Notifications Do I Have”


“Alexa, What Are My Messages”

At the moment you will command this, Alexa will start reading all the pending notifications and hence yellow light will stop flashing.

Hence, you no more need to search for Why Is My Alexa Blinking Yellow.

Steps To Stop Alexa To Stop Reading the Names of the Product

Sometimes, we order something that we don’t want other members to know about. But, if you are afraid of Alexa, you can stop it from reading out the names of the products.

For the same, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. From the Alexa app, go to settings.
  2. Tap on “Notifications” and then choose the option for “Go to Amazon shopping”.
  3. Don’t forget to turn off the “Give Ordered Items Titles”.
  4. Alexa will no longer speak the names of the ordered items. Hence, you no more need to ask for Why Is My Alexa Blinking Yellow and how to stop it.

Steps To Disable Alexa Flashing Yellow Light Order Notifications

If you don’t like the Yellow light on Alexa and want to stop it, follow the below-given steps to toggle it from the Alexa app.

Here are the steps to stop the yellow light:

  1. First, open the Alexa app from your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Open the settings and select “Notifications”.
  3. Open the list, select Amazon Shopping and turn OFF the yellow ring notifications.

We have told you everything related to Why Is My Alexa Blinking Yellow. Now, we are heading towards the Alexa Red Ring light.

What Is the Alexa Red Ring And What Does It Mean?

Red light is the sign of danger and this is the reason why Alexa users are afraid of it. But, it is very necessary to know what is the meaning of the red ring light on Amazon Alexa.

There could be two main reasons behind the Echo Dot Red Ring, the microphone button is turned off, or a faulty internet connection.

If your Alexa Device is unresponsive and showing the red ring light, check the mic and internet.

Here is how to fix the Alexa Red Ring light issue:

1. Turn On the Microphone Button

It could be possible that you may have forgotten to turn ON the mic of the Echo device. This is the reason why your Alexa Not Responding to any commands.

The microphone button is given at the top of Echo, press the button if turned OFF. As soon as you turn it ON, the Alexa Red Ring issue will get fixed soon. If the issue is still not resolved, check your internet connection.

2. Check the Wifi Device

Sometimes, the Echo shows the red ring light because of the weak internet connection. You need to check if your internet is working properly or not. Restart the router if it is not giving enough speed.

3. Restart Alexa-enabled Device

A quick restart sometimes resolves the technical glitches in a very short period of time. So, restart the Echo device to fix the issue. In order to restart it, turn it off and remove the power adapter. After waiting for a while, connect the power adapter again and turn it ON.

4. Reset the Echo Device

If the Echo device is still not working then reset it to original factory settings. Resetting the device will fix all the Alexa Issues.


When you start using the Echo device, you will see a number of light rings. Sometimes, yellow or red while other times, green, purple, or violet. Each ring light has its separate meaning. In this guide, we cleared your confusion about Why Is My Alexa Blinking Yellow. In addition to that, we have also mentioned the meaning of the red ring light.



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