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Echo Dot Won’t Connect To Wifi

Why Echo Dot Won’t Connect To Wifi? Alexa Troubleshooting | Alexa Offline

There is no doubt that Amazon Alexa is one of the best devices and comes with a lot of features. From controlling smart home gadgets like thermostats, lights, fans to play sleep sounds, Alexa can perform a variety of these tasks. Sometimes, when we ask Echo to do something, it doesn’t respond to any commands. A faulty wifi connection could be a possible reason why Echo Dot Won’t Connect to Wifi.

Without continuous power and good speed internet, the Echo device is nothing more than a Bluetooth speaker. Hence, you must check the wifi connection and power outage if your Alexa Won’t Connect to Wifi.

Here is the complete Alexa Troubleshooting guide for you. Apply the given methods in order to get your Echo back online again.

Why Is My Echo Dot Won’t Connect To Wifi?

There could be a number of conditions responsible for why your Echo Dot Won’t Connect to wifi. If you just Setup Alexa and see the yellow ring light on the Echo device. It means that your device is still not connected to the internet.

Do check if you have entered the right wifi password or not. While doing the Echo Setup, if you enter the wrong wifi password, you will end up facing Alexa Error Code 73001. In this case, you need to Connect Alexa To Wifi again.

Don’t move the Echo device at a distance from the router. Too much distance and the interruptions of other technical devices could be responsible for why Alexa Is Offline.

Troubleshooting Steps When Alexa Can’t Connect to the Internet

If you have just found that Alexa Won’t Connect to Wifi, make sure that Echo and smartphone are connected to the same wifi network. Follow the below-given methods to resolve the offline issue in the Echo device.

  1. Check the wifi connection
  2. Verify all the cable connections
  3. Check the power outlet
  4. Check the wifi password
  5. Restart the Echo device
  6. Restart the router
  7. Move Echo device to an ideal location
  8. Remove network blockages
  9. Reset Echo

Moving forward, let’s understand each troubleshooting method in a little detail.

1. Check Your Wifi Connection Device

It is a must to check the wifi connection if your Echo Dot Won’t Connect to Wifi. Most of the time, the wifi stopped working and hence Alexa stopped responding. To Connect Alexa To Wifi, follow the below-given steps:

  • Open the Alexa app on your device.
  • In the upper left corner, tap on three horizontal lines, and choose “Settings”.
  • Choose the option of “Setup new device” and select the Echo Dot from the given list.
  • After choosing your preferred language, click on “Connect Alexa to Wifi”. 
  • Tap on the action button for 10-15 seconds. Once the light will be changed to orange, click on “continue”.
  • Choose your wifi, enter the password to connect to the internet.
2. Verify All the cable Connections

Do check whether you have connected all the cables properly or not. A loose or faulty cable connection could be responsible for an offline problem in Echo Dot. Replace the cables that were found damaged.

3. Check the Power Outlet

The power outlet in which you have connected the power adapter of the router may have stopped working. Hence, check the outlet and connect the router to another power board if found damaged.

4. Wrong Wifi Password

You may have entered the wrong wifi password and hence your Echo Dot Won’t Connect to wifi. Connect any other device using the same password, if it will not connect to the internet, update the password.

5. Restart the Echo Device

If you have checked and found that the password is right but still Alexa Not Working, restart your Echo Dot. Many times, you just need a quick restarting in order to resolve the issue.

6. Restart the Wifi Router 

After restarting the Echo device if still your Alexa Dot Not Working, restart the wifi router. Remove the power plug from the outlet, wait for a while and reconnect the power adapter again. Press the power button and turn ON the router. If the issue is still not resolved, try the next method.

7. Put Echo Close to the Router

Placing the Alexa-enabled device within the range of wifi is very necessary. Sometimes, a user used to places the device far from the router. This could be responsible for why your Echo Dot Won’t Connect To Wifi.

8. Remove Network Blockage

It could be possible that the devices like T.V, microwaves, or baby monitors are blocking the wifi signal. Hence, move your Echo device far from these devices. Doing this may resolve the Alexa Connection Issues.

9. Reset the Echo Device

If you have applied all the steps but still your Alexa Won’t Connect to Internet, reset the Echo to factory defaults. This is the last troubleshooting for your Echo device. Resetting will delete all the saved settings from the device.


We would like to conclude this article on the point that no matter what, a good speed internet is necessary for Echo. In this guide, we have mentioned all the steps to complete Alexa Troubleshooting. If you would have applied the methods in the same order, your Amazon Echo device will definitely start working.



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