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Alexa Setup

Complete Guide For Amazon Alexa Setup | Alexa Setup | Alexa Setup Help

If you have just purchased the Amazon Echo device, you will soon hear the sweet voice of Alexa. Before that, it is well required to do the Amazon Alexa Setup first.

Setting up the Alexa device is not a tough task to do. In just a few simple steps, your Alexa will be ready to fulfill all of your commands. You can ask Echo to perform a variety of tasks for you. Say the wake word and ask Alexa to play your favorite songs, jokes, and even sleep sounds.

Just not only this, if you will connect your Alexa to smart home devices like lights, thermostats, you can then control them with your voice only.

Note: To Setup Alexa Echo, download the Alexa app on your device and make sure your internet is working at good speed.

How To Do Amazon Alexa Setup?

We are going to discuss all the methods required to Setup Alexa. Download the updated Alexa app on your Pc, smartphone, or tablet. Here is the overview of Amazon Alexa Setup:

  1. Download Alexa App
  2. Choose Echo Device To Setup
  3. Enter Device Into Setup Mode
  4. Connect Your Smartphone or PC
  5. Connect Alexa to Wifi

Download Alexa App

Downloading the Alexa app is the first step to complete the setup of the Echo device. It is a very easy task to download the app. You can do it easily from the play store or app store. Or else, go to the web browser and download the Alexa App For Pc. The version of iOS must be 11.0 or above, the version of Android must be 6.0 or above, or Fire OS 5.3.3 or above.

Pick Your Echo Device

An Amazon account is a must to have to complete the setup. Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy the membership. If you already have an Amazon account, open the app and complete the sign-in.

Once the app will be opened, tap on “Add Device” and add any device supported by Echo. You can use as many devices as you want but that should be supported by Alexa-enabled devices.

We are here to set up Echo hence, we will choose that one only for now. When you click on Echo, a list of all the Echo devices will be shown on the screen.

Moving ahead, select the Echo device that you would like to do Amazon Alexa Setup

Put Alexa In Setup Mode

Now, you will need to enter the device into the setup mode. The orange spinning light on Echo means your device is entered into the setup mode now. Press the setup button on the Echo device if there is no orange light.

Connect Your Smartphone Or Pc

You will then be taken to close the Alexa app and the wifi settings of the smartphone. From here, search for your Amazon name and connect your phone or tablet to it. To continue the setup, return to the Alexa app.

Setup Home Wifi

When you open the app again, you will see a list of all the available wifi on your phone or tablet. Choose your preferred network from the given list. After that, you will have to enter the password. If you want, you can save it too.

Once all the information will be saved, Alexa will say, “Your device will be ready”. Saving the password will help you in the way that you won’t need to connect to wifi again and again. This is How To Connect Echo Dot To Wifi.

Say the Wake Word

You have successfully done the Amazon Alexa Setup and now you get ready to listen to the voice of Alexa.

Say the wake word that is “Alexa” by default and wake up your Echo. Blue spinning light means Alexa is listening to you. Ask Alexa about the weather, or play your favorite songs.

How To Fix The Alexa Red Ring Light issue?

The Alexa Red Ring light means that your device is not listening to any of your commands. Or else, you have not connected to the internet.

To fix the issue, you would need to check the microphone button. You will find the button at the top of the Echo device with a mic sign. Press the button and turn ON the mic.

Now, you can give any command to your Amazon Echo device. In case, the issue still has not been resolved then check your wifi device. Your wifi device may have stopped working.


In order to complete the Amazon Alexa Setup, it is very necessary to download the Alexa app. In this guide, we have mentioned all the points required to Setup Alexa. If you apply all the steps in the same order, it would be easy for you to complete the setup.



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