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Alexa Setup

How To Do Alexa Setup Quickly? Alexa Dot Setup | Alexa Helpline

Hey! Congratulations, we know that you have just bought the all-new Echo device and now you are excited to do the Alexa Setup. The process for Echo Dot Setup is quite easy. You should have a good speed internet connection, an Alexa app, and a calm mind.

In just some simple steps, you will get to know all the procedures to Setup Alexa. Once you are done, you will hear the voice of Alexa for the very first time. Isn’t that exciting?

When you say the wake word of Alexa, it will start listening to your commands. You can ask the device to play music, audiobooks, stories, news, etc. If you connect the Echo device to smart home gadgets, you will be able to control them via your voice.

Basic Steps To Do Alexa Setup

It is very easy to complete the Alexa Echo Dot Setup, here are some of the basic steps to Setup Alexa:

  1. Connect the Echo device to a power source.
  2. Download and install the Alexa app.
  3. From the app, click on “Devices” and “+”.
  4. Connect Alexa to wifi and enter the password.

Note: If you are having an Echo Show then the Alexa Setup would be a little different. Don’t worry, below we have also mentioned the Echo Show setup process.

Step By Step Guide For Echo Setup

To complete the setup, you first need to unbox the Echo device but we know you have done it already. Here is how to Setup Alexa Echo in some easy steps:

1. Download the Alexa App

The Alexa app is one of the most important steps to complete the setup of Alexa. You can download the app easily from the play store or app store.

If you are having a computer then you need to download the Alexa App For Pc first. Visit the official website of Amazon and choose to download the app for Mac or Windows.

If you are having Amazon Fire 1st or 2nd generation tablets then they are not supported. You need to download it on any other smart device.

2. Choose A Device to complete the Setup

To take the benefits of Alexa features, you must have an Amazon account. Don’t worry, it’s not necessary to have Amazon Prime. If you already have an account then sign in to the Alexa app now.

Once the app will be opened, tap on “Devices” and choose to add your Echo device. Let us tell you that you can add any other smart device from now on. But, we are focusing on adding the Echo device now.

Click on Amazon Echo and choose your Echo device from the list. In this list, you will see the name of all the Echo devices that don’t even exist now like Echo Tap and Echo Input.

3. Put Echo Device In Setup Mode

Moving further, now we are going to see how to put Alexa in setup mode. Once you enter into the Alexa Setup mode, you will see the orange ring light. This color ring light signifies that Echo is in setup mode now.

4. Connect Your Smartphone or PC

You are really doing an awesome job. In just a few more steps, you will successfully complete the Echo Setup.

When you will put Alexa into the setup mode, you will be directed to the wifi settings. From here, click on the network on Amazon name to connect your tablet or Pc to it. Once done, return to the Alexa app.

5. Connect Alexa to Wifi

When you open the Alexa app again, you will see a list of wifi networks. Choose the wifi that belongs to you and enter the password. When the Echo device is connected successfully to wifi, your device is already.

If you ever decide to change the wifi password then you also need to change it from the app too.

Note: You may sometimes have to face the Alexa Issues like Alexa Slow to Respond or Alexa Not Working because of a weak internet connection. Hence, check your wifi connection properly.

6. Say the Wake Word “Alexa”

Alexa is all ready to listen to your commands. You just need to say the wake word and Alexa will be ready to listen to your commands. Ask Amazon Alexa to read the latest news for you, or your favorite songs.

If you want, change the wake word to “Amazon”, “Echo”, or “Computer”.

How to Setup Echo Show?

If you are having an Echo show and you want to set it up then it’s really very easy. You don’t need any other phone or tablet to complete the Echo Show setup. Connect the device to the power supply and follow all the on-screen instructions.

You will be asked to enter the Amazon credentials and wifi password to connect Alexa to wifi device.

To go to the settings, you can swipe down the screen of Echo Show. This is the shortcut to update the wifi password or any other change in network settings.

Some Tips To Use Alexa

If you are a new user then we would like to share some important information related to the Echo device. After the Alexa Setup, you need to know how to use Alexa and what she is capable of doing.

You can ask Alexa to make a voice call or video call to your family and friends. In addition to this, connect Alexa to smart home gadgets like thermostats, lights, switches, cameras, etc. If you are about to sleep but want to turn OFF the lights, say, “Alexa, turn Off the lights”.


This setup article can be concluded on the point that an Alexa app and internet connection is a must to have. In this guide, we have mentioned all the steps to complete the Alexa Setup. You can perform a variety of tasks with an Alexa device. When you will start using the Echo, you will understand the features properly.



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