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Complete Troubleshooting When Alexa Not Working | Alexa Helpline

How to fix when Alexa Not Working and stopped responding to voice commands? If this question is revolving around your head then we are here to help you. Alexa is a smart voice assistant that works on voice commands. Several times, Alexa Stopped Responding because of one or other reasons. It could be anything, like,  a voice recognition glitch, faulty power adapter, or a weak internet connection.

In this guide, we are going to let you know all the troubleshooting methods required to fix the problem. Here is how to fix it when Alexa stopped working.

Note: All the steps that we are going to mention here are also applicable for the Echo models like Echo Dot, Echo Studio, Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Show.

Why Is My Alexa Not Working?

It is really hard to find sometimes why Echo devices are not working properly. It could be possible that your internet has stopped working. Let us tell you that a faulty internet connection is one of the major reasons why Alexa Is Not Responding.

Apart from it, make sure that you have placed the Echo device close to the router, check the microphone button, or be sure that the Echo device is grouped properly.

You don’t need to worry what is the real cause of your Alexa Not Working properly. We are going to explain the troubleshooting methods for all Alexa Issues.

Tip: If you don’t know how to fix the issue then give your device a quick restarting. Restarting is one of the simple yet effective troubleshooting methods.

Here is how to fix it when Alexa App says Device is Unresponsive.

Troubleshooting Tips When Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands

It happens most of the time that you issue a command but Alexa says, “Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you”. If this is something that you are facing currently then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Check the internet and power access: In the very first place, make sure that your Echo device is connected well with the power adapter. Also, don’t forget to check the internet connection. These two could be one of the main reasons why the Echo Dot Not Responding or Alexa Slow to Responding to any commands.
  2. Make sure the microphone is turned ON: Alexa Red Ring light simply means that the microphone button is turned OFF. This is why Alexa is not able to respond to your commands. Press the button given at the top of the Echo device to turn it ON.
  3. Move Echo to an ideal location: It is very necessary to place the Echo device within the wifi range close to the router if Alexa Not Working properly.
  4. Restart the Echo device: Restarting often fixes many technical glitches. So, give your Echo device a quick restart to troubleshoot the issue.
  5. Check your wifi connection: A weak or faulty wifi connection can lead to many Alexa issues like Alexa Offline, Alexa won’t connect to wifi, or Alexa not discovering devices.
  6. Reset the Echo device: If all the troubleshooting methods failed to fix the issue then reset your Echo device. Once you complete the reset process, you will have to register the Echo device again.

What is the Meaning of Different Alexa Ring Lights?

On the top of the Echo device, you may have seen the ring light that shows different colors. Wonder what is the meaning of each ring light? Here is what it means.

  1. Alexa Shows Spinning Orange Light: The orange ring light on the Echo device signifies that your device is in setup mode now. You will see this light at the time of Alexa Setup or when you reset it to the factory defaults. If it’s not the case then it means you are Connecting Alexa to WiFi.
  2. Alexa Shows Spinning Purple Ring: The purple ring light on the Echo device means that it has failed to connect to the internet. The reason could be anything, either your wifi has stopped working or you have entered the wrong credentials.
  3. Alexa Red Ring: Echo Dot Red Ring light means the microphone is turned OFF. Hence, press the button given at the top of the Echo device so that Alexa can listen to your commands.
  4. Solid Purple Ring On Alexa Device: If you have found that your Alexa Not Working and flashing the solid purple light. It simply means that DND(do not disturb) mode is ON now. It simply means that you will not get incoming calls, messages, or notifications anymore. To turn off the DND mode in Alexa, go to “Device Settings” and choose to turn OFF the DND mode.
  5. Alexa Shows A Green Ring: Want to know why is Alexa flashing green light? If your Echo device is flashing the green light, it means that a call or drop-in is happening currently.
  6. Pulsating Yellow Ring Light On Alexa: If your Alexa Blinking Yellow, it means that you have some unread notifications. Once you will ask your device to read them for you, Alexa Yellow Light will stop blinking.

Alexa Troubleshooting When It Starts Playing Music On the Wrong Device

It happens most of the time that you ask the Amazon Echo device to play music on one device but it starts playing it on another. To resolve this problem, we have mentioned some solutions for you.

  1. Set up a Smart HomeGroup: It would be better if you set up a smart homegroup for your Echo device. In this way, Alexa will respond in a more intelligent way. If you are in the kitchen, say, “Alexa, play the music in the kitchen”.
  2. Set Right Echo Device As Your Preferred Speaker: If you will set one of your Echo devices as the default speaker, from the settings. Whenever you request music, only the designated one will respond.
  3. Name Your Echo Device Properly: If you will name your Echo device in the correct manner, it would be easy for you to track them. For the bedroom, name your Echo “Bedroom”; for kitchen, name your Echo “kitchen”.

Troubleshooting Tips When Alexa Not Working

If you have found that your Echo device is not connecting to an available internet connection then follow the below-given steps:

  1. Verify Your Internet Connection: It could be possible that your internet goes down and this is why Echo dot not connecting to wifi.  So, you need to check your wifi and fix the issue.
  2. Restart the Echo And Modem: Restarting often resolves many technical glitches. So, restart the Echo device and modem and fix the Alexa Connection issues.
  3. Move Echo Device to the Wifi Range: It is very necessary to move the Echo device close to the router within the wifi range. Also, don’t put your device close to the wall or any metal object. This could be majorly responsible for why your Alexa Not Working currently.
  4. Reset the Echo Device: After applying all the steps mentioned above if still your Alexa is not working then reset it now.


This article can be concluded on the point that a number of unknown factors could be responsible if your Alexa Not Working properly. In this guide, we have mentioned all the steps to complete the Alexa troubleshooting so that you can easily fix the problems.



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