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Alexa Error
Alexa Error Code 73001

How To Fix the Alexa Error Code 73001? Alexa Offline | Alexa Not Working

Are you worried because your Alexa has stopped working? It happens sometimes that Alexa Won’t Connect to Wifi and is responsible for Alexa Error Code 73001. In order to troubleshoot the issue, it is a must to check the internet connection.

It is a very common error and could be resolved easily in some easy steps. Restart the Echo and router in order to resolve the Alexa Error 73001. In this guide, we are going to tell you all the steps to fix the issue.

Note: If you are facing the Error Code 73001 in your Echo device, your wifi may go down. Hence, check the wifi connection now.

Causes Behind Alexa Error Code 73001

Most of the time when we ask Alexa to do something, it doesn’t respond to anything and shows Alexa Error Code 73001. Behind this error, a number of reasons could be responsible which we have mentioned below:

  • It could be possible that your network connection is not stable.
  • Faulty Echo device.
  • Your wifi goes down.
  • You may have placed the Echo device close to the wall.
  • The wifi password is wrong.
  • Distance between the Echo and router.

Whatever is the cause, here is a complete troubleshooting guide for you. Apply the steps one by one until the issue will not be resolved.

Quick Check Before Fixing Amazon Echo Error 73001

If your Alexa Won’t Connect to Wifi, we would like you to check some important points before moving ahead. 

  1. It is a must to put the Echo device in an ideal location. Make sure that you have placed the Echo device 8 inches far from the wall and above the ground. 
  2. If you will place the Echo device at a distance from the router, put them close to each other. Too much distance between both devices results in Alexa Offline, Alexa Not Working, etc.
  3. Make sure that you are having a VPN or proxy network.
  4. You may have changed the wifi password recently. This could be one of the main reasons behind Alexa Error Code 73001.

Note: Echo devices can only work within 2.5ghz to 5ghz frequency. If the frequency will go below the mentioned range, Alexa will stop working.

How To Fix Alexa Connection Error 73001?

Restarting the Echo and router, putting the Echo close to the router, checking the wifi password, are some of the common steps you can try to resolve the Alexa Error Code 73001.

  1. Check Your Wifi Connection: One of the main reasons behind the Amazon Echo 73001 Error is a weak wifi connection. Hence, check if your wifi is working properly or not. You can try to restart the Echo device if you find something wrong.
  2. Restart the Echo Device: It happens sometimes that a simple software glitch is responsible for the error. Hence, give your Echo device a quick restart to refresh the system. If you are using the Echo device for a very long period of time, let it off for at least 10 minutes.
  3. Move Echo Close to the Router: You may have placed your Alexa-enable device at a distance from the router. Hence, move your Alexa close to the router. Doing this will Fix Amazon Echo 73001 Error.
  4. Check the Wifi Password: A wrong wifi password is another possible reason behind Amazon Echo 73001 Error. Hence, check the wifi password and update it from the Alexa app now.
  5. Reset Echo Device: This is the last and the most effective Alexa troubleshooting step. If you have applied all the steps but still the Alexa Not Responding then reset the Echo. Once you complete the resetting process, you have to do the Setup again.

How To Fix Setup Alexa?

If you have reset the Echo device, it is a must to complete the Alexa Setup. Here are the steps to Setup Alexa Echo:

  1. Connect your Echo device to the power outlet. Always use the original power adapter.
  2. Download the Alexa app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can also download the Alexa App For PC from the administrator’s website.
  3. Sign in to the Alexa app and choose to tap “More”.
  4. Now, tap on “Add Device”.
  5. Choose your Amazon Echo device.
  6. Connect Alexa to Wifi and you have completed the setup successfully.

This article can be concluded on the point that a weak internet connection is responsible for Alexa Error Code 73001. In this guide, we have mentioned all the troubleshooting tips to fix the issue. If you will apply the above-given methods in the same order, Alexa will start working again.



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