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Alexa Issue
Alexa Echo Not Responding

How To Fix When Alexa Echo Not Responding? Alexa Not Working

It feels very irritating sometimes when users find their Alexa Echo Not Responding to any voice commands. Do you know why is your Alexa Not Responding? What could be the possible reasons?

A lot of Echo users are confused because of this Echo error. Common reasons why your Alexa stopped responding could be a weak internet connection, faulty cable connection, damaged power adapter, or distance between Echo and router.

Today, we are going to discuss everything required to troubleshoot the issue. We have gathered the information after a complete research process.

Note: If your Alexa Echo Not Responding to your voice commands, you should check the microphone first.

Why Is Alexa Echo Not Responding?

It is very difficult to find the main cause for why your Alexa Echo Not Responding. We have managed to find them for you. With the help of it, it would be easy for you to troubleshoot the issue.

Reasons why your Alexa Not Responding could be the following:

  1. The microphone is turned off
  2. The Echo device is placed too far from the router
  3. Wifi goes down
  4. Dust particles inside the mic
  5. Wrong wake word
  6. Change in the wifi password
  7. Wrong wifi connection

Do check for all the mentioned causes, you may find the solution. If not, move ahead towards the Alexa Troubleshooting.

Alexa Troubleshooting 

If you have recently come to know that your Alexa Echo Not Responding, here are the troubleshooting methods:

  1. Don’t use third-party adapters
  2. Check and fix the issue with the internet
  3. Make sure the microphone is turned ON
  4. Temporarily disable the mic
  5. Move Echo close to the wifi
  6. Say the wake word correctly
  7. Make sure Echo is connected to a right wifi network
  8. Restart the Echo device
  9. Reset Echo

There is no need to worry as we are going to explain each point in a more clear and precise way. Keep smiling and repeat the same steps as mentioned.

1. Use the Original Power Adapters

It happens most of the time that we end up using third-party power adapters. Sometimes, a wrong saving can lead to high risks.

Using the local adapter could be responsible for a number of Alexa Issues like Alexa Not Working, Alexa Device Is Unresponsive, Alexa Echo Not Responding, etc.

2. Check and Fix the Issue With The Internet

It is necessary to check if your internet connection is working properly or not. We would like to tell you that a good speed internet is very much required.

It could be possible that your wifi has stopped working and this is why your Echo Dot Not Responding.

3. Turn ON the Microphone Button

The microphone button given at the top of the Echo device should be turned ON. It happens sometimes that we forget to turn ON the mic button and think Alexa has stopped working.

4. Temporarily Disable the Mic

This trick often works and fixes the unresponsive issue persisting with the Echo device. Disable the mic for a while and turn it ON after some time.

Sometimes, Alexa gets confused because of other unwanted background noises. When you turn OFF the mic, you will see the Alexa Red Ring light. It means that you are no longer hearable to voice assistance, Alexa.

5. Move Alexa A Little Close to the Router

After the Alexa Setup, the placement of the Echo device matters a lot for its better functioning. Make sure you haven’t positioned the Echo at a distance from the wifi.

Apart from this, make sure no other electronic device is creating the signal interference. Move the device like baby monitors, T.V, radio, or microwaves at a distance from Echo.

6. Say the Wake Word Correctly

You might not say the wake word properly and this is why your Alexa Echo Not Responding to anything. Try it again and say the wake word in a clear, audible, and proper accent.

7. Connect Echo to the Right Network

Make sure that your Echo is connected to the right network. There are chances that your Alexa-enabled device is connected to an unknown open network. Check it properly and connect Echo to the right network connection.

8. Update the App

You might not have updated the Alexa app and this is the reason why your Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands. You can easily update the app from the play store or app store.

9. Restart the Device

Restart the Amazon Echo device if the Alexa device is still unresponsive. You may have used the device for too long, this is why it stopped working.

Let your Echo device take a breath of peace.  After some time, turn ON the device. Check if the issue gets resolved or not.

10. Reset Echo

After applying all the above-mentioned steps, if you found that still Alexa Not Working, reset Echo. Once you will reset the device successfully, you will have to set it up again. This is why check each and everything properly, only then reset the Echo device.


It is not always clear why Alexa Echo Not Responding. To fix the error, we have to check a number of things that we have mentioned in this guide. Apart from all, a good speed internet connection is a must. Connect the Echo with a good speed internet only.



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